Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tomaterly Hills 90210

Apprentice Tim and I transplanted some tomatoes into the older greenhouse the other day. We tried to get them in a straight, mounded row down the middle of the greenhouse. The row has three different varieties of early season tomatoes and the plan is to eventually have rows of strawberries on either side, too.

Here's Tim showing off his mounding and raking skills. The soil in the greenhouse was nice and fluffy because Farmer Brock had just tilled it.

Planting Tomatoes with Tim

A line of drip tape along the top of the mound will water the plants:

Planting Tomatoes 01

As you can see, our row's a little bent. I blame Tim.

Planted Tomatoes

And in other news, Tim and I have taken to watching episodes of the original Beverly Hills 90210 in the RV after a little dinner and maybe with a couple of Cariboos. (See? The title of this post isn't just a lame tomato mound joke/early 1990's pop culture reference.) We've watched a few episodes from the very first season and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We especially enjoyed the pilot episode which featured a short-lived Jason Priestly mullet, a lot of talk concerning Kelly's summer nose job, and Steve Sanders' drunk and loutish behavior at a party where everyone else in attendance appeared to be drinking Pepsi.

The next couple of episodes, truth be told, were a little disappointing. We were pretty close to giving up on the whole show, but thankfully we hunkered down and watched an excellent episode where Brandon lost his virginity and that ended with a spirited game of pickup basketball between he and his father. Who knew the two-handed layup and blind, over-the-shoulder hook shot could be so effective?

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