Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friendly Neighbours

Makaria Farm has many friendly neighbours. Here's a sampling:


These guys live across the street from the farm. I'm not sure what they are. Hairy bull cows? Yaks? Space monsters? You decide!

Neighbour Sheep

Behind the farm are a bunch of sheep. After I took this picture, the sheep on the right proceeded to nuzzle that post. I gave that nuzzle some psychoanalytic thought and decided that she's existentially lonely despite living in a crowd of her kind. That or she's itchy.

Advancing Cow

This little fella lives with the sheep. While taking his picture, he decided to come up to me and say hello. Unfortunately, I don't speak cow.

Taking 'er easy

This cow had no interest in saying hello. What a snob!

Friendly Cows

These guys are my favourite. They live on another neighbouring farm and I'm allowed to feed and pet them because their owners are friends of the farm. They come running up to the fence for attention whenever we're working nearby. Pretty cute!

These friendly guys have also taught me a valuable lesson about our food and where it comes from. You see, one of their cute little brethren was given to Farmer Brock and Heather as a present and now resides in a freezer. And you know what? That brethren is delicious! I had her in stew form. Just the other day, too, I noticed there are now only TWO cows in that field next door. I wonder where their buddy went? Maybe she won a trip to Hawaii!!

My point, I guess, is that it's one thing to go to the supermarket and pick out a saran wrapped chunk of beef under fluorescent lights and another to see the cute, living and breathing source of that delicious meal. I'm not turning all vegetarian on you or anything, but I mean, damn, these guys are adorable!

Running Towards Me (For Treats?)

(And delicious.)

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