Sunday, May 15, 2011

5 Photos

Rolling Clouds

1) Clouds rolling over the farm.

Killdeer Eggs

2) Killdeer eggs in the garlic patch.

Good lookin' bird

3) While I was tilling with the tractor the other day, I noticed a couple of these guys wandering all over the freshly turned soil. Turns out they're rummaging for wireworms! This is a whole lotta awesome because wireworms are pretty terrible - they munch through the roots of transplanted starts like crazed machines, especially lettuce, potatoes, and onions. Farmer Brock and I randomly dug up some recently transplanted green onions and found a wireworm in the roots of almost every plant, so if these birds want to get fat on them, we're all for it!

Anyone know what kind of bird this is? I think it's a grackle of some sort, but I'm no ornithologist.

Tomato Sale!

4) Check out Apprentice Jill's brand spanking new sign for next week's tomato plant sale! Pretty sweet, right? Check out her website for more of her awesome graphic design.

Me + Tractor

5) And last but not least, me on the tractor with the raised transplanter attachment.

UPDATE: After some strenuous research, Apprentice Tim and I have come to the conclusion that the wireworm-eating bird pictured above is not a grackle. We believe it's a little something called a Brewer's Blackbird.


  1. I'm liking it all: the grackle, the sign, you on a tractor... excellent!

  2. That grackle's got a mean, worm-eating look, eh?