Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meet Jill!

Jill X2

You've already met Tim, my RV buddy and writer of extraordinary emails, so now it's time to introduce Jill. The three of us are apprentices at Makaria Farm, which basically means we're three people who know nothing about farming, but want to learn more. After two weeks here (two weeks already!), here are some things I've noted about Jill:

1) She's got a lot of love for her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. She often waxes poetic about the northern city's long winters, cold weather, short growing seasons, and urban sprawl. Seriously. She loves her some Edmonton. She even looked back fondly upon this infamous day. No offense to the good people of Edmonton, but all of this sounds pretty terrible.

2) Despite being a vegetarian, Jill is an excellent cook. Although she doesn't live in the RV with Tim and I, she often comes over for dinner. We're often throwing together unusual ingredients with incredible results, such as our recent meal of fish nachos:

Fish Nachos

3) Jill's a pretty incredible graphic designer. She designed the farm's beautiful CSA poster, which you can see here. You can also check out her other work on her website.

4) Jill believes that Tim and I are starting to act like an old married couple because we live in such close proximity. I'll let you know how that goes.

5) Jill's most often used expression? "That's so weird!"

6) Although the RV supposedly can "sleep 6" (seriously!), Jill lives in a shack behind the farmer's house. This is a picture of her shack:

Chicken Shack

Just kidding. That's an old chicken coop. Below is Jill's shack, which she built with Tim and Farmer Brock. I helped install the soffit so rats don't nibble their way into Jill's home.

Jill's Shack


  1. Thank for you the link to a visual explanation of soffit. That was very informative.

    Also, you totally fooled me with the chicken shack switcheroo. Don't do that to me ever again.



  2. Sam: You're welcome! My goal is to trick first and inform second.