Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Roommate - Part II

New Roommate

Good news! My new roommate, pictured above cutting vegetables, isn't a passive aggressive raw-food vegan. Turns out that email I received before moving up here was just a joke. Shits and giggles. What a kidder!

Based upon a week's worth of observation, here are a few things I can say about the stranger I'm living with in an RV:

1) His name is Tim and he's originally from Toronto, which is only an hour or so from my hometown. I like this because it means I can make jokes about Rance Mullinik's mustache or Popeye Jones' ears and he actually knows what I'm talking about.

2) Within the first three minutes of my moving into the RV, he let me know that he tends to scream in his sleep. So far, I've only heard him speak/speak loudly while sleeping, but I'm crossing my fingers for some screaming! An added bonus is that I, too, occasionally talk/scream in my sleep. I'm hoping that one night we'll have a Deliverance inspired, dueling banjos of sleep-talking/screaming....

3) Tim eats incredibly quickly. Really. The expression "inhales his food" doesn't do it justice.

4) Although he's not actually a raw-food vegan, Tim is a vegetarian. He also enjoys black licorice, specifically Panda black licorice. I tried to be polite about it, but I think Panda black licorice is a little gross.

5) He needs to drink more water when he's working on the farm. Dude's gotta hydrate!


  1. can you tell us more about the toilet in the background of this photo? how far is it from those cut vegetables?

  2. Tim asked if he could chop the vegetables in the bathroom, but that happens to be where I draw the line.

  3. tots - 5 second rule does not apply when in bathroom