Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter in Vancouver


Last weekend, I headed to Vancouver (pictured above) to visit my friends Jon and Julia. I had a splendid time, including a potluck Easter dinner (featuring a ten pound ham), an incredible dinner out at a sushi and oyster restaurant, shuffleboard and Molson Canadians at a Royal Canadian Legion, a delicious breakfast, a mysterious plant sale, and all-round good times.

Here are some other things that happened:

1) I bumped into some dudes without torsos. No biggie.

Long Legs Walking

2) I hung out at Long Life Place. I wasn't there long, but it felt like forever.

Long Life Place

3) I leaned against this ride to impress all the ladies.

Pink Limo

4) I stuck Jon and Julia's cat, Ten Brooks, into a box and poked at him. Hilarity ensued!

Ten Brooks

5) I hung out by the docks and swore like a sailor.


6) I couldn't resist taking a picture of this handsome dude on the ferry between the Mainland and the Island.


7) I saw this beautiful business on the same ferry ride where I saw that handsome dude with the Blue Jays' hat. I guess beautiful things come in pairs?

Ferry Shot

8) Back on the Island, I stopped at this magnificent vista along the side of the highway between Victoria and Duncan.


Happy be-lated Easter! I hope you celebrated the occasion by putting some Peeps in the microwave.

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