Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Irrigation is Pretty Cool

Sprinkler 02

I think I kind of love irrigation. Seriously. I'm all into the diagrams, hoses, pipes, sprinklers, levers, clamps, and other bits and pieces.

Irrigation Bit & Pieces

Scarecrows in a Box 01

This isn't to say that irrigation isn't frustrating. It's crazy frustrating. Farmer Brock is still trying to figure out a system for his fields that finds a nice balance between cost, manpower, water conservation, efficiency, and water pressure management. The result has been many attempts and experiments involving burst pipes, broken clamps, and getting wet. I'm finding that I have a knack for somehow getting soaked while everyone else stays bone dry.

Scarecrow + Crop Rows

Above is what you call a "scarecrow." When Farmer Brock first mentioned that we'd be putting up scarecrows, I was excited because I thought we'd be constructing straw effigies with old, floppy hats and rusty pitchforks. How wrong I was! Silly, Apprentice Mike. Instead, "scarecrows" are these fancy motion activated sprinklers that are meant to scare away the ravens who are busy pecking away at the rows of garlic. When activated, they look like this:

Scarecrow Shooting Water

Reason #1 why Apprentice Mike is always getting wet while setting up irrigation systems? He's the only idiot wandering down the line taking pictures:

Irrigation Line 02

In summary, I think irrigation is pretty cool. That and it's much easier to work with 3/4 inch hose than one inch hose.

Irrigation 01

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