Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Over Irrational Fears

Power Tool

I've always had a fear of power tools. For some reason, whenever a situation arises where I'm supposed to use some sort of high powered electrical tool, I imagine explosions, electrocution, severed fingers, and sharp blades ripping through the air and lodging into my skull.

Here on the farm, though, there's no time for such tomfoolery. I've got to conquer this fear! And you know what? It's been going pretty well. I've actually been using the miter saw pictured above with some regularity. I just strap on a pair of goggles and rip through some 2X4's. Like a champ.

Behind the miter saw, in case you were curious, are the tresses for a barn that hopefully we'll complete some time next week. Structurally, the barn will look a lot like our greenhouses, but with higher ceilings and walls made of something stronger than vapour plastic.

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