Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Say Potato, I Say Potaters

Potatoes 01

Thanks to a long awaited week of warmer and drier weather, we've been busy planting and transplanting into the fields. Apprentice Tim and I got our tractor/transplanter feet wet with some potatoes. I drove the tractor, while Tim sat poised upon the transplanter.

1) Here we are getting ready to plant. I like to chat with the potatoes before they're planted - you know, just a little assurance that everything's going to be okay.

Getting Ready 02

2) Up and running! The goal is to drive the tractor slow and steady down the beds, so we've got a nice, straight row with a potential potato plant every few inches. I'm looking back to make sure Tim hasn't fallen off the transplanter and been buried with the potatoes. I'm also making sure the potatoes are getting buried deep enough into the soil. If even a little skin pokes out of the soil, the ravens will want to snack on them.

Planting Potatoes

3) Here's what Tim's dealing with. He sits perched on the transplanter's yellow seat, looking down at these cups as they circle around like a wheel. His job is to drop a potato in each cup as they turn. The cup's job is to dig into the soil and release the potato into the ground.

Transplanter Close-up

4) The beds end up being lined with a row of these pockmarks. Each pockmark has a potato hiding beneath it!

Potato Holes

5) We ended up planting 4 different varieties of potato. It'll be interesting to see which one does best in this climate and soil.

Package Slip 02

6) Look at that straight row! Farmer Brock and Apprentice Tim take care of business.

Planting Potatoes


  1. Can you do a post on how the transplanter works?

  2. Yeah, buddy! I'll try to get a Graham inspired transplanter post done by the end of the week, although we should talk some time soon on the ol' telemephone!

  3. Looks like Google lost all my replies to your comments, but I'll get some pics up soon that show the ins and outs of the transplanter....