Thursday, June 2, 2011

6 Farm Photos

1) I found a robin's nest in one of the sheds. Mama robin was not impressed with my rooting around for fertilizers in the shed. She's got babies to hatch.

Robin's Nest

2) I also noticed these colourful bowling pins in the same shed. Maybe there will be some summer time bowling in my future?

Bowling Pins

3) We're planting some sweet corn! Here are the seeds.

Corn Seed

4) We've been doing a lot of transplanting these days, but before we separate soil blocks and head out to the fields, we have to check the bottom of our trays for slugs. Although slugs are slow movers, they're fast eaters. Kind of like Tim, Brock, and everyone else on the farm except for me.

Bottom of a tray of soil blocks

5) For the first time, I also noticed these warnings on the bread trays we use for soil blocking. Apparently these warnings go unheeded.


6) Lettuce! This is the first crop I've actually been able to harvest and eat here on the farm. We've got a lot of lettuce out in the fields, but these guys have been growing quite successfully in one gallon pots in the greenhouse.


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