Monday, June 6, 2011

Last of the Mohicans

For your viewing pleasure: an empty rabbit hut.

Rabbit Hut

But wait! There's something scuffling around inside....

Who's That?

A chicken! Here she is in all her glory:

Lone Chicken

Unfortunately, she's the last of her kind on the farm. Minks, dogs, birds of prey, and other assorted predators got to the once thriving, free-range chicken population on Makaria Farm. This little lady, however, is a survivor! She likes to follow us around the farm and make sure we're not getting into any trouble. Lately, she's taken to hanging out around the RV and poking around for slugs. I like to think that she thinks of us as her flock.

Despite her friendliness, she never lets you get too close. Farmer Brock, however, insists that she can be petted. After a few soda pops (if you know what I mean) around a campfire the other night, he attempted to demonstrate this theory. Long story short, Farmer Brock wasn't successful and I really, really wish I had a photo to share of that special moment....

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