Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday is a Day of Rest (Part I)

Last Sunday I had the day off from farming, so I decided to do a little exploring in the greater Duncan area. First stop? Saison Market Vineyard for coffee and snacks.

Here's the vineyard:

Saison Market Vineyard

And here's something I never would have appreciated before working on a farm - a barn full of cool tractors.

Cool Tractors

After purchasing my coffee and snacks, I decided to drive aimlessly around some back roads. Soon enough, I stumbled across a little place called Maple Bay. I parked the car and wandered down some stairs....

Stairs to Maple Bay Beach

....and found this beautiful business:

Maple Bay Beach + Dock

Maple Bay Beach

Things were so nice, in fact, that I decided to sit on a rock and enjoy my snacks and coffee at Maple Bay.

Saison Snacks & Coffee

I also enjoyed watching people row. Rowing looks difficult.

Maple Bay Rowers

Feeling well-caffeinated and full-in-the-belly, I decided to wander around on Maple Bay's multicoloured rocks.

Multicolored Beach Rocks

I also found what I thought was purple mitten. I thought to myself, what's a purple mitten doing on the beach in the summer?

Purple Starfish

Word to the wise: if you're in Maple Bay any time soon, don't try on this mitten. It's not really a mitten.


  1. really does look like a mitten. wow. mitten is a really strange word. i bet it comes from german. (turns out i'm completely mistaken - comes from m. french. which means it comes from latin...i hate it when that happens)

  2. you know what? mitten does sound pretty German.

    and how goes Ellison? send me a note some time!