Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 Farm Photos

1) Gumboots keeping dry and out of the sun under the RV.

Boots Under the RV

2) By living in an RV, I'm now a Big Boy AND having "the experience of a lifetime!"

RV Spare Tire

3) The remains of a Makaria Farm sacrifice to the farming gods. (Or maybe we were just enjoying beer, sausage, and marshmallows?)

Remains of a Fire

4) I found this sign in some long grass, but unfortunately the Real Fruit Gummis (TM) were already sold out.

Real Fruit Gummis

5) A look inside Apprentice Jill's shack window. It's very mysterious in there. Who knows what kind of trouble she gets into in there?

Jill's Hut Window

6) Maybe we'll get some garlic bulbs in a couple of weeks?


7) Gate to the fields. The farm's been lucky enough to be spared from soil diseases like club root (which can be spread on the soles of visitors' boots and shoes), so we're being extra careful.

Soil Disease Alert!

8) It's not a good idea to run over rocks with Farmer Brock's expensive tractor equipment, so we try to pile them all up in one section of the farm.

Rock Pile

9) It's too bad buttercups are such a damaging weed because they're pretty and spreading across the farm.


10) A Makaria Farm neighbour.


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